Laurence Figgis

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Fine Art-Painting & Printmaking

The Glasgow School of Art

Research Interests

Drawing, Painting, Creative Writing, Storytelling in 20th-Century Art

Research Profile

Using practice-based methodologies (incorporating drawing, painting, collage, as well fictional and poetic writing) my work is informed by research into the development of narrative painting and illustration during and after mondernism (e.g. after c.1907). My research is particularly concerned with how narrative painters/ illustrators in the 20th century made use of formal strategies, techniques and devices that have often been aligned with abstract traditions in critically-designated avant-garde, modernist or surrealist practice: including flatness of the picture-plane, non-realist transformation of form and space, collage, montage and appropriation. My research also considers how technological and mass-produced media such animation and narrative cinema have been influenced by (and have imore...

Latest Additions

  1. Laurence Figgis: (After) After

    Figgis, Laurence (2017) Laurence Figgis: (After) After. Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds Arts University, 11 August - 29 September 2017 [Show/Exhibition]
  2. 'Bad Retail': A romantic fiction

    Figgis, Laurence (2017) 'Bad Retail': A romantic fiction. Journal of Writing in Creative Practice, 10 (1). pp. 5-26. ISSN 1753-5190
  3. Human Shaped

    Figgis, Laurence (2016) Human Shaped. Sculpture and Design, Glasgow, 08-25 April 2016 [Show/Exhibition]
  4. Where Dalí Meets Disney

    Figgis, Laurence (2016) Where Dalí Meets Disney. In: Friday Night Mixer: Surreal Encounters, 08 Jul 2016, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, UK.

    Figgis, Laurence (2015) ANYKENT. The Briggait, Glasgow, 18th September - 20th November 2015 [Show/Exhibition]
  6. About 'The Great Macguffin'

    Figgis, Laurence (2015) About 'The Great Macguffin'. In: Silence: A Semiotics of (In)Significance, 1 - 3 July 2015, University of LIverpool.
  7. Oh My Have

    Figgis, Laurence (2015) Oh My Have. 1 Royal Terrace, Glasgow, 30th March - 19th April 2015 [Show/Exhibition]
  8. American Gothic: Chaos, Anachronism and Modernity in Eyvind Earle's Sleeping Beauty

    Figgis, Laurence (2015) American Gothic: Chaos, Anachronism and Modernity in Eyvind Earle's Sleeping Beauty. In: PCA/ACA National Conference Animation (Silverman and Chanthanakone) Division, 1-5 April 2015, New Orleans, LA, USA.
  9. Blonda (scarf design commissioned by Briggs and Cole)

    Figgis, Laurence (2014) Blonda (scarf design commissioned by Briggs and Cole). [Artefact]
  10. Men and bits of paper whirled by the cold wind

    Hynd, Lynn and Figgis, Laurence (2008) Men and bits of paper whirled by the cold wind. Domestic Garden Shed, Glasgow, 27 - 28 September 2008 [Show/Exhibition]