Alan Currall

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Lecturer (P/T)

Fine Art-Sculpture & Environmental Art

Glasgow School of Art

Research Interests

Performance, Video, Sculpture, Consciousness studies

Research Profile

Alan Currall is and artist and lecturer whose art practice deals with knowing and believing. He is interested in the limits of our ability to process and communicate knowledge, and the belief we sometimes place in this. The resulting work extends to a broad range of media but most often takes the form of performances to video camera. These simple, and often absurd, actions and monologues create situations of questionable origin that seek to challenge the reliability of the author and our desire to place faith in emotional communication and received wisdom.

Currall's work has been shown widely across the UK and internationally. In 2002 he was selected for the inaugural Jerwood Platform award. In 2003 he was short-listed for the Beck's Futures Prize.

He teaches part-time in the Departmentmore...


Fine Art BA(Hons)
SEDA PDAF Award, Supervising postgraduate research

Latest Additions

  1. Player Player Player

    Currall, Alan (2011) Player Player Player. Poppy Sebire, London, UK, 10 March – 9 April 2011 [Show/Exhibition]
  2. Semi, Rhubaba

    Currall, Alan (2012) Semi, Rhubaba. Edinburgh, UK, 22 Sep – 14 Oct 2012 [Show/Exhibition]
  3. The Carrot Stick Scenario

    Currall, Alan (2012) The Carrot Stick Scenario. [Artefact]
  4. Welcome and Apologies / Congratulations and Goodbye

    Currall, Alan (2012) Welcome and Apologies / Congratulations and Goodbye. [Artefact]
  5. Silent dog whistles

    Currall, Alan (2014) Silent dog whistles. [Artefact]
  6. Ideas in Things

    Currall, Alan (2014) Ideas in Things. Maria Stenfors, London, UK, 27 June – 26 July 2014 [Show/Exhibition]
  7. Alan Currall

    Currall, Alan (2014) Alan Currall. Riverside Museum, Glasgow, UK, 27 Jun - 29 Sep 2014 [Show/Exhibition]
  8. SOUTH OF NO NORTH: Approaches to art and performance

    Currall, Alan (2015) SOUTH OF NO NORTH: Approaches to art and performance. Centre for Photography, Edinburgh, UK, 18 Sep – 29 Nov 2015 [Show/Exhibition]

    Currall, Alan and Birrell, Ross (2011) Dr. Ross Birrell and Alan Currall, Glasgow, UK.
  10. Hertie Querty

    Currall, Alan (2010) Hertie Querty. Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Novemeber 2010 - May 2011 [Show/Exhibition]