Michael McGraw

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Programme Leader, Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice

Fine Art-School of Fine Art

Research Interests

Expertise in all aspects of Print Media, Artists book works and production, Research into land use, Sculpture, installation, digital technology, Drawing Practice


BA (Honours) in Printmaking (GSA)
PG Diploma in Fine Art (GSA)

Latest Additions

  1. (dis)place(d)

    McGraw, Mick (2018) (dis)place(d). The Barony Centre, West Kilbride, Scotland, 8 May 2018-1 June 2018 [Show/Exhibition]
  2. (dis)place(d)

    McGraw, Mick (2018) (dis)place(d). In: (dis)place(d), 14 April 2018, The Barony Centre, West Kilbride, Scotland.
  3. Print Print Print

    McGraw, Mick (2017) Print Print Print. Reid Building Corridor space, Glasgow School of Art, January 2017 [Show/Exhibition]
  4. Vibrant Matters, Panel Moderator

    McGraw, Mick (2014) Vibrant Matters, Panel Moderator. In: Vibrant Matters: A Land2/PLaCE International Conference & The Third Annual Art & Humanities Postgraduate Conference, 29-30 Jan 2015, University of Dundee, UK.
  5. I Want to Hide it

    McGraw, Mick (2015) I Want to Hide it. In: Traffic: movement/place/flow/mobility, 15-16 Apr 2016, University of Plymouth, England.
  6. Serpentina

    McGraw, Mick (2016) Serpentina. [Artefact]
  7. Peoples Money

    McGraw, Mick (2016) Peoples Money. Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  8. Prints Tokyo, Japan Printmaking Association

    McGraw, Michael (2012) Prints Tokyo, Japan Printmaking Association. Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan, 5th-19th October 2012 [Show/Exhibition]
  9. Artist Residency at Frans Masereel Centre, Kasterlee, Belgium

    McGraw, Michael Artist Residency at Frans Masereel Centre, Kasterlee, Belgium. none.
  10. Close to Home, Artists Reconsider the Local

    McGraw, Michael (2012) Close to Home, Artists Reconsider the Local. East Street Arts, Leeds, 11th July-30th July 2012 [Show/Exhibition]