Recordings: ‘Practicing Landscape: Land, Histories and Transformation’, Symposium 2020

Sessions 1-6, ‘Practicing Landscape Land, Histories and Transformation’, 6 Nov – 11 Dec 2020

The symposium Practicing Landscape:  Land, Histories and Transformation was organised by the Reading Landscape Research Group, formed by artist-academics from the School of Fine Art, Exhibitions Department and Design History Theory at the Glasgow School of Art.   Read more about the symposium here. This page shares recordings of Sessions 2-6.

All material is subject to copyright of the speakers.

Session 1: KEYNOTE Dr Ingrid Pollard, Respondent Dr Tiffany Boyle (GSA)

Ingrid Pollard is a mixed-media artist and researcher, using digital, analogue and alternative photographic processes, also incorporating printmaking, image-text and artist books, installation, video and audio. This recording is not available for public viewing.

‘Parabiosis’, from Landscape Trauma series (2001), Ingrid Pollard

Session 2: WILD SPACES

Speakers: Dr Elizabeth A. Hodson, (Lecturer in Fine Art Critical Studies, GSA), The Posthuman Sublime: The Art Practice of Katie Paterson; Dr Nalini Paul, (Lecturer in Fine Art Critical Studies and Design History and Theory, GSA), Embodying Language in Wild Spaces: Place, Memory and Transformation; Sam Nightingale (PhD Candidate, Goldsmiths), Salt: a crystal image of time; Respondent Justin Carter (GSA)

Session 3: HISTORIES

Speakers: Seán Laoide-Kemp (Masters by Research Student, IADT Dún Laoghaire), Landscape as Witness: Aftermath Photography, Oral History, and Ethnography in Representing the Public Works Scheme of the Great Irish Famine; Joe Crowdy (PhD Candidate, Oslo Centre for Critical Architecture Studies), Writing Rack Fen: 1583-1606 and 2019-20; Dr Frances Robertson (Lecturer, GSA) Alien Introductions: trees, memory and landscape history; Respondent Michail Mersinis (GSA)

Session 4: KEYNOTE Dr Louise Purbrick (School of Humanities, University of Brighton), Respondent Dr Marianne Greated (GSA)


Speakers: Dr Nicky Bird (GSA), Raging: Revisiting Raging Dyke Network; Jordan Whitewood-Neal (MRes student, University of Brighton), Epistemological Hinterlands: Non-Normative Embodiment and Sublime Perceptions of Landscape; Dr Jo Vergunst (Department of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen), Exploring landscape decision-making with the arts: agency, scale and temporality; Respondent Dr Frances Robertson (GSA)


Speakers:  Minty Donald (Professor of Contemporary Performance Practice, University of Glasgow), Erratic Drift: approaching human geological performance; Jane Brettle (Visual Artist, in collaboration with Musician Robin Mason) Mine – walking; Jasper Coppes (Artist / Tutor Royal Academy of Art, The Hague), Mud; Respondent Susan Brind (GSA)

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