Lee Ivett

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Studio Tutor and Lecturer


Baxendale Studio

Research Interests

Participatory Design, Architecture, Urban Design, Live Build, Community Engagement, Curation

Research Profile

Lee Ivett is an award winning architect, designer, artist and urbanist with a track record of developing transformational long term projects with third sector organizations. His mode of practice is intensely generative, developing low-budget socially-focused projects from scratch largely for marginalized communities within Scotland and beyond as a means of identifying ideas and developing local agency and capacity. Lee works with artists, makers, dancers, choreographers, growers, academics, musicians to prototype and generate the activity that ultimately creates a demand for the physical regeneration of place. Lee has been recognized internationally for the impact and quality of his work; exhibiting, producing and presenting work in Poland, Hungary, Nuremburg, Los Angeles, Venice and Ljublmore...


BSc. Hons Architecture
Msc. Urban Design [with distinction]

Latest Additions

  1. Scottish Uprising

    Ivett, Lee (2016) Scottish Uprising. The Architectural Review. ISSN 0003-861X
  2. Constructing Community: Synthesizing Lay and Professional Knowledge in Architecture

    Ivett, Lee and Gillick, Ambrose (2016) Constructing Community: Synthesizing Lay and Professional Knowledge in Architecture. In: AMPS Liverpool 2016 Government and Housing in a Time of Crisis: Policy, Planning, Design and Delivery, 08- 09 September 2016, Liverpool, UK.
  3. Project MOTO

    Ivett, Lee (2014) Project MOTO. In: Bio50 24th Biennial of Design Ljubljana, Slovenia, 18 September - 07 December 2014, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  4. Building culture: co-production, context and justice.

    Gillick, Ambrose and Ivett, Lee (2017) Building culture: co-production, context and justice. In: AAE Conference 2017: Architecture Connects, 6th-9th September 2017, Oxford Brookes University.